About Me

Carlos JAvier González CortÉs

Information Security Analyst

October 2019 - Nowadays

Global Payments

I decided to move to Dublin and start working as an expert Information Security Analyst to improve myself and my knowledge in security.

May 2019 - Nowadays

Pentester Academy

Improving my skills in different security branches with courses and online labs.

2018 - Nowadays

Hack the Box

Hack The Box

Online platform to improve pentesting and ethical hacking skills. I currently have about 20 machines owned.

February 2018 - October 2019

GMV Innovating Solutions

Start working as a IT Security Auditor – Ethical Hacker

2012 - 2014

Secundary School

July 2019 - September 2019

CompTIA Security+

Security certificate

August 2018 - Nowadays

Hacking Lethani

Starting my Ethical Hacking Blog

September 2018 - June 2019

Master's Degree: IT Security

Interuniversity Master’s Degree from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the Open University of Catalonia and the Rovira i Virgili University.

Thesis: Operative Systems Security. Use of Metasploit Framework. Thesis tutor: Pablo González Pérez

September 2014 - July 2018

Bachelor's Degree in computer engineering

Autonomous University of Madrid

With honors in Computer Networks

Thesis: Honeypot detection: Study, analysis and improvement of honeypots hidding.


I was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1996. Since I was a child I knew my future was in front of a computer. I was attracted to computer security right after I started college.

I use this blog with a double purpose. I want it to serve as a source of constancy and motivation to continue learning. But I would also like to be able to share the knowledge I am acquiring with all the people who want to learn, and thus bring the wonderful world of hacking closer to those who don’t know it. Just like they did with me.

I write this blog in Spanish and English. In this way I can reach more people with the knowledge I am acquiring, and I can improve my writing in English.

I have a degree in Computer Engineering and a master’s degree in ICT Security.

If I had to choose a country, it would be Norway. I was there for a while and fell in love with its cities and inhabitants. However, I love to travel, and I would very much like my work to take me to many corners of the world in the future.


En 2019 decidí abandonar voluntariamente mi trabajo en Madrid y mudarme a Dublin para salir de mi zona de confort y superarme tanto en lo personal como en mi carrera como pentester. Una vez allí me puse a buscar trabajo y tras valorar varias empresas encontré mi lugar junto a  un pequeño equipo de expertos en una gran corporación. Esta oportunidad me está permitiendo aumentar rápidamente mis conocimientos y mejorar mi dominio del inglés. No obstante, continúo trabajando duramente por mi cuenta con hackthebox, pentesteracademy y libros de seguridad informática como la saga de The Hacker Playbook. Además, tengo en mente obtener la certificación OSCP en unos meses.

In this blog you will be able to see articles and PoC of those interesting topics of computer security that I learn in my work or in my studies.

But not everything is hacking: in my free time, I have a large number of hobbies. Among others, I practice martial arts (taekwondo and hapkido), I perform aerial acrobatics in a circus school, an cut wood and make pyrographs.

I hope you like my blog, and if you have any questions or suggestions I would love to help you, so I encourage yod I climb. I also like manual work: Iu to contact me.